Top 12: Best Led Grow Lights for 2018

Hey Future Growers, 

So You want to know what are the best LED grow lights in 2018?

Well, that depends on how you define best.

There are hundreds of LED grow lights to choose from with more coming out each year.

So what makes one better than the other best is a subjective word, so we had to use specific criteria to create this list. Our list of the top 12 led grow lights for 2018 is based on the following criteria.

• One fixture quality

the LED grow lights must be constructed with quality parts such as high performing diodes, efficient drivers etc.

• Good Manufacturer Warranty

So, three to five years typically and be reliable solo warranty claims to performance.

The fixtures should at minimum meet the following criteria. If the manufacturer did not provide the data, contact them and ask these questions.

We did our best to estimate these based off of other performance specifications.

Good spectrum

a spectrum ideal for veg bloom and or both sufficient light output to cover a four ft by four ft area. This is measured in PP F, which is the amount of light exuded in micro, moles per second and or favorable par map.
Readings are provided and high efficiency, the amount of light the fixture exudes compared to the wattage drawn at the wall.

• coverage area

all of these lights – will cover around a four by four area for flower.

Now this is a common flowering footprint and many lights are designed to cover this area. Therefore, we wanted to select fixtures that cover a four by four space or can be used in four by four sections, such as

• four by eight
• eight by eight
• eight by twelve
• etc.


There are other lights on the market that are very competitive with these lights on the list.

So while we don’t mean to not include any of these top lights, it’s difficult to narrow down the wide array of lights on the market to only twelve options. So if there’s any other lights, you can think of that should be on this list. Let us know by commenting below.

California light works Solar system1100 UVB 


California light works
increase it’s latest led grow light solar system series efficiency by 25 % from 1.55 micromoles per jewel 22.2 micromoles per jewel. In addition, they release an upgraded version of the solar system, 1100 featuring UVB light bars on each side of the grow light. This is a perfect setup for fans of the discontinued solar storm 880. The solar system 1100 features a fully customizable spectrum timing, dimming and scheduling control with the optional controller.

The SS 1100 will replace a 1000 watt HPS, while only drawing 800 watts at the wall and about 50, more watts with the UVB lights on top in high output.

Osram LEDs are enclosed. Behind Plexiglas and II meant a whopping PPF of 1730 micromoles per second, which is up from 1284 micromoles per second.

The solar system 1100 will veg up to an 8×8 area or flower
a 4×4 area with high intensity for a 5×5 area. With less intensity, the UVB lights can be used in the last few weeks of flower to help increase resin production.

The SS 1100 grow light measures 18 inches by 18 inches and weighs 26 pounds it’s a little larger and only slightly heavier with a UVB bars attached. The heatsink makes up most of the fixtures weight, accessible cooling fans top off the fixture and draw air over the large aluminum heatsink block, creating an excellent heat dissipation system.

A separate controller is needed to dim the unit customize, the spectrum and program the grow schedules, the red and deep red white and blue and deep blue channels can be controlled separately.

One controller can be used to control up to 1000 units in series.

Horticultural Lighting Group

H LG 550.
The h LG 550 release mid-2017 replaces a 1000 watt HP s and only draws 515 watts at the wall. The fixture utilizes 1152 top fin Samsung LM 561 cs6 LEDs and emits a PPF of 1159 micromoles per second across four custom-designed QB 288 quantum boards. As a mouthful

The power efficiency of the entire unit is a staggering 2.28 micromoles per Joule.

Making this one of the most efficient LED grow lights on the market as of February 2018.

The hlg 550 is designed to flower up to a four foot footprint..

Five by four foot footprint: five foot area or veg up to a six by six foot area,

3000 kelvin spectrum is ideal for full cycle growth from veg to harvest for larger yield. It is also available in 4000 Kelvin, which is best for keeping plants stout during veg and increasing quality during flower. The unit is passively cooled and does not contain any cooling fans. The quantum boards sit on an aluminum heatsink panel. The back of the panel contains a Meanwell hlg driver didn’t bull down to 250 watts so about 50 % intensity. The unit measures 26 inches by 20 inches and weighs only 18 pounds.

Black dog led PhytoMAX 2 800.

Black dog led released the PhytoMAX 2 Series in early 2017.

The phytomax 2 series includes the following upgrades from the original PhytoMAX series:

• higher quality
• more efficient diodes
• more light at the same wattage
• glass plate was removed to assist in 8 %, more light transmission
• quieter cooling fans

The PhytoMAX 2 800 will replace more than a 1000 watt HPS with higher yields and better quality results, while using less electricity.

he phytoMAX 2 800 utilizes 420 total watts in 5 watt LEDs from industry leaders such as Cree and Osram, so they’re rated at about 70,000 hours.

The led grow light is advertised to cover up to a 6 by 6 foot area for flower and veg a 7.5 by 7.5 foot area.

However, for best results, it is recommended to be used in about a 4 by 4 foot area or 5 by 5 foot area,

Black Dog Led’s unique spectrum can be used for both of veg and flower, which helps reduce stalling associated with spectrum changes.

The spectrum ranges from UVA to near IR and includes a healthy amount of green to naturalize the light for easy viewing and to help increase photosynthesis under the canopy.

The unit weighs 50 pounds and measures 21 inches.