Why choose LED full-spectrum LED lighting For Your Grow Lights

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Led Grow Lights Are The Best And The Reason Is SImple

Full-spectrum LED grow lights are a relatively new product on the market and many growers are not so familiar with these new lighting systems. An LED grow light can be expensive in advance, but you can save money in the long run thanks to the much lower operating costs.

If you are mainly looking for low operating costs or stealth growth, LED grow lights are very much your friends. So read out led grow lights reviews

Finally, at least with LED grow lights, you do not have to worry about replacing light bulbs, or deal with fires due to ballasts getting too hot. If you choose one of the choices below, we are sure that you will not look back.

Let’s look at the best LED grow lights and to ensure that you choose the right light for your grow room, we add the details of the coverage area.
Phases of plant growth: if you need a full growth cycle, you can select a full-spectrum LED grow light to help in all phases.

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Best Full Spectrum Led Grow Light For The Money

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Sonne Led Grow Lights

Buy This Sonne Led Grow Light at Extreme Led Grow Lights

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Buy Sonne Led Grow Lights at Extreme Led Grow Lights

Buy Sonne Led Grow Lights at Extreme Led Grow Lights



Universal Grow Light

Another factor is whether you want a universal light or whether you want to supplement it with other lamps for vegetarian and flowering.
Your budget: factor in the functions that are necessary for you and the amount of money you are willing to spend, both on the front and on the running costs. You need a light that is powerful enough to cover the area where you grow, and that can vary depending on whether you have a special space for seedlings and cloning, or if your weeds grow to maturity in one place.

Systems with full spectrum Led Grow Lights have the advantage because:

They imitate real sunlight
Stimulate high yields
Can increase potency and taste
Cost less to run on time
Run cool and do not need any extra fans
Do not flicker or need ballast
Their lamps do not have to be replaced for 50,000 hours or more, which is years of trouble-free work
They are safer and more environmentally friendly

Consider updating an outdated system to a full-spectrum LED Grow Light panel today

Or many lamps have switches such as the California Lighworks 275 Solar System and / or dimmers for each growth phase. The larger angles mean more coverage, while the smaller angles mean less dispersion and more direct light. All those things were problems with HID HPS lamps, but they are not a problem with LEDs.
Angle of the LED lens: also look at the spread angle within the LED lamps. And if you want to see coverage areas at a glance, look at the table above. By knowing this, you can determine how many LED lamps you need and which type of LEDs offer the best coverage..(also see the top 12 led grow lights 2018) To cover more space, more lights can be placed side by side.Which ensures that the best LED light grows for indoor success
Choosing the best grow light for your grow room depends on a few factors. Most people think that the giant fluorescent lamps or HPS and metal halide lamps are the best grow lights to use in a growing garden with marijuana, but that is not the case.

How to choose the best LED grow light
Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing an LED grow light to grow cannabis:

The area you have to cover: the first thing you have to remember is the area to be covered



2018’s Best Hydroponic System For Growing Amazing Marijuana

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Hydroponic Systems are a great way to grow high quality marijuana. Think back to the first few times you heard of “good weed”. Before it became so readily available, the majority of weed that was of high quality was “hydro”.



Below are Best Grow Light Reviews Top Hydroponic System Choices Available for The Money


Black Dog LED Grow Lights PHytoMAX 2 200 watt led grow light

Black Dog PhytoMAX 2 200 Watt LED Grow Light Review

 Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 200

210W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

LED Grow Light Puts Out 210W and 320 uMol/s total photo flux. This LED Grow light is perfect for smaller grow areas where it’s important to save more energy and space while not sacrificing lighting quality or intensity. With the PhytoMAX-2 You can count on it being the most powerful and reliable, truly full spectrum (365-750nm, UV to NIR) cannabis growing LED Lighting. The PhytoMAX-2 200 LED Grow Light use nothing short of the Highest Quality, latest LED Technology. Each casing houses top bin LED’s to delivery Black Dog LED’s proprietary full-cycle Phyto-Genesis Spectrum evenly over the entire footprint, with unprecedented PAR levels, canopy penetration as well as BIG STICKY DENSE BUD YIELDS!

  • Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer
  • HID Replacement: 400W while using half the electricity
  • LED Chips: CREE & OSRAM 5W LED’s
  • Light Footprint: 3ft x 3ft (9 Square Feet)
  • Method of Test: independent spectroradiometer testing
  • Number Of LED’s: 84 High Output 5W Cree & Osram Top  Shelf LED’s
    • Every top-bin LED is selected from the industry leader for the particular wavelength, including Cree, Osram, etc.
    • With glass lenses for durability and cleanability
    • High light intensity and energetic spectrum, crucial for canopy penetration to nourish lower leaves and flowers
    • Even, edge-to-edge coverage eliminates leaf burn and hot spots
  • 210 True Watts – 420 LED Watts
  • Phyto-Genesis Spectrum®
    • The most efficient spectrum for growing cannabis, tested for 6 year research and testing, outperforming HPS, MH, CMH (LEC), induction, fluorescent, and “white”, so-called “full-spectrum” LEDs in equal wattage tests
    • One ideal spectrum for both vegetative and flowering stages eliminates stalling associated with spectrum changes such as switching from MH to HPS
    • True full spectrum ranging from UVA to NIR (365-750nm) goes Beyond PAR™ for ultimate flowering and vegetative growing plant cycles
    • Appears white to human eyes, allowing easy determination of plant health
    • Targets not only photosynthetic (chlorophyll / carotenoid) peaks but also:
      • Increases THC, CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants / vitamins and pigmentation with UV light
      • Includes near infrared (NIR) light to boost photosynthetic efficiency through the Emerson Effect
      • Decreases internodal spacing to direct more of your plants’ energy to flowers and leaves, instead of stems
    • Commercial Grade LED Grow Lights
      • ETL certified to UL safety standards
      • Unique no-glass design delivers up to 8% more light to your plants
      • The best active heat management in the industry, crucial to maximizing LED efficiency, life, and spectrum stability
      • Largest heat sink among commercial LED grow lights for superior cooling and increased LED life
      • Virtually No Noise High Performance Fans:

Available at eXtreme LED Grow Lights

If you are wanting a led grow light to cover a little more than a 3ft by 3 ft area then we suggest you upgrade to the next size. Since Black Dog LED makes the Best LED Grow lights, it should come to no surprise that they also make the next light featured in our Best Grow Light Review.

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