Best LED Grow Light Reviews 2018 Grow Lights 101

Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Reviews 101 – Intelligent Buyers Guide 2018

Hi, my name is Serena, my friends call me Mrs. Nugz. I am a professional Marijuana Grower and Grow Light Expert.

Mrs. Nugz holding some of the newest high quality weed grown at one of her three marijuana dispensaries

Mrs. Nugz holding some of the newest high quality weed grown at one of her three marijuana dispensaries

I’ve been growing weed for 12 years now and I am owner of three marijuana dispensaries and have been involved in over 100 successful dispensary startups. I guess you could say, I know what grow lights to use and what grow lights to turn my head to. I’ve seen the So Called”Best LED Grow Light Review Sites”. I think those are managed by a few folks who have never grown a single plant in their life. Not to bash, but those lights they recommend, would not even sell one light if those sites were gone. EVERY experienced grower knows those are chinese lights rebranded.

Look Familiar?

So, Mrs. Nugz Here To Save You From Wasting Your money on a costly investment.

Do you honestly want to trust your weed crop to a LED Grow Light that can even be sold this cheap? HELL NO!

Here you are guaranteed to find the actual Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights For Growing Dank WEED as well as a source that is a AUTHORIZED Retailer for the led grow lights they sell.

The Best Full Spectrum LED Grow lights 2018 with Video Proof:

Bought more than ever with the current wave of states passing medical as well as recreational marijuana laws. LED Grow lights are a more efficient method of lighting used to replace HID grow light bulbs.

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights:

while fairly new to the market may not be as new of technology as some may believe. With the first visible spectrum led was created by Nick Holonyak in October of 1962. Holonyak was looked on by General Electric. (GE) .

Why Choose LED’s over HID’s for growing marijuana?

Lumen Scale HID VS LED

Five Reasons To Begin with or Upgrade To Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

  1. Better Watt for Watt Performance
  2. LED’s Run Cooler Than HID Lighting
  3. LED Grow Lights can nearly decrease amount of energy in turn lowering your average bill.
  4. LED’s are the cause of far less grow room fires
  5. Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Best Target All Required Light Spectrum required by marijuana to achieve optimum growth. 

Most LED grow lights accompany little fans worked in, and don’t require extra ventilation with the exception of in unique conditions.While LED Grow Lights do not produce much heat at all, these fans ensure that your lights live a long 50,000+hour life.

Why Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Are The Intelligent Choice:

  • Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Promote Higher Yields
  • Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Resembles Natural Sun Light
  • Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Are Most Energy Efficient
  • Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Are The Coolest Running Grow Lights
  • Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Produce Flavorful & Potent Smelling Big Sticky Buds
  • Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Include a 50,000 Hour Lifespan
  • Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Are The Safest and Most Economically Friendly Grow Light Available in 2018

Above is just seven intelligent reasons to upgrade your current HID grow light to a full spectrum led grow light system or if you have not began growing yet, to start off with the most intelligent and economically friendly grow light.

Marijuana Growing in the United StatesWe have chosen the most intelligent choices for full spectrum led grow lights by conducting research on multiple brand grow lights as well as age of the company, which provides the best spectrum tested by which produces the highest yield, as well as which company backs it’s product with the longest warranty. Our intelligent research has led us to choosing Black Dog Led as the Best Full Spectrum Led Grow light in 2018. Black Dog LED is the oldest company with the biggest marijuana yields.

Best Grow Light Reviews Top Picks for Best Full Spectrum Grow Lights – The Intelligent Choice For a Grow Light in 2018

 Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 200

210W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

LED Grow Light Puts Out 210W and 320 uMol/s total photo flux. This LED Grow light is perfect for smaller grow areas where it’s important to save more energy and space while not sacrificing lighting quality or intensity. With the PhytoMAX-2 You can count on it being the most powerful and reliable, truly full spectrum (365-750nm, UV to NIR) cannabis growing LED Lighting. The PhytoMAX-2 200 LED Grow Light use nothing short of the Highest Quality, latest LED Technology. Each casing houses top bin LED’s to delivery Black Dog LED’s proprietary full-cycle Phyto-Genesis Spectrum evenly over the entire footprint, with unprecedented PAR levels, canopy penetration as well as BIG STICKY DENSE BUD YIELDS!

  • Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer
  • HID Replacement: 400W while using half the electricity
  • LED Chips: CREE & OSRAM 5W LED’s
  • Light Footprint: 3ft x 3ft (9 Square Feet)
  • Method of Test: independent spectroradiometer testing
  • Number Of LED’s: 84 High Output 5W Cree & Osram Top  Shelf LED’s
    • Every top-bin LED is selected from the industry leader for the particular wavelength, including Cree, Osram, etc.
    • With glass lenses for durability and cleanability
    • High light intensity and energetic spectrum, crucial for canopy penetration to nourish lower leaves and flowers
    • Even, edge-to-edge coverage eliminates leaf burn and hot spots
  • 210 True Watts – 420 LED Watts
  • Phyto-Genesis Spectrum®
    • The most efficient spectrum for growing cannabis, tested for 6 year research and testing, outperforming HPS, MH, CMH (LEC), induction, fluorescent, and “white”, so-called “full-spectrum” LEDs in equal wattage tests
    • One ideal spectrum for both vegetative and flowering stages eliminates stalling associated with spectrum changes such as switching from MH to HPS
    • True full spectrum ranging from UVA to NIR (365-750nm) goes Beyond PAR™ for ultimate flowering and vegetative growing plant cycles
    • Appears white to human eyes, allowing easy determination of plant health
    • Targets not only photosynthetic (chlorophyll / carotenoid) peaks but also:
      • Increases THC, CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants / vitamins and pigmentation with UV light
      • Includes near infrared (NIR) light to boost photosynthetic efficiency through the Emerson Effect
      • Decreases internodal spacing to direct more of your plants’ energy to flowers and leaves, instead of stems
    • Commercial Grade LED Grow Lights
      • ETL certified to UL safety standards
      • Unique no-glass design delivers up to 8% more light to your plants
      • The best active heat management in the industry, crucial to maximizing LED efficiency, life, and spectrum stability
      • Largest heat sink among commercial LED grow lights for superior cooling and increased LED life
      • Virtually No Noise High Performance Fans:

Available at eXtreme LED Grow Lights

If you are wanting a led grow light to cover a little more than a 3ft by 3 ft area then we suggest you upgrade to the next size. Since Black Dog LED makes the Best LED Grow lights, it should come to no surprise that they also make the next light featured in our Best Grow Light Review.

Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 400 ==>Shop PhytoMAX-2 400<==


Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 400

Video Proof of Black Dog LED PhytoMAX 2 400 Best Grow Light Reviews

Footprint Area
Average PPFD*
Hanging Height
Max. Recommended Vegetative 6.5 x 6.5 211 47
Max. Recommended Flower 5 x 5 356 36
Medium Recommended Flower** 3.75 x 3.75 634 27
Smallest Recommended Flower** 3 x 3 990 21
    • Max. Flowering Footprint 4.25′ x 4.25′
      Max. Vegetative Footprint 5.25′ x 5.25′
      Shipping Size 24″ x 24″ x 12″
      Product Dimensions 15.75″ x 15.75″ x 5″
      Shipping Weight (lb.) 27.0000
      Weight 24lb (10.9kg)
      True Wattage 420w
      LED Wattage 840w
      Certifications ETL, CE, FCC, RoHS
      Mean Time Between Failure > 50,000 hours
      Number of LEDs 168
      Amp Draw 3.5A~1.8A (@ 120/240v)
      Cord Length 8 feet
      Voltage AC 100V~250V
      Work Frequency 50~60 Hz
      Power Factor > 0.98
      Operation Temperature Range -4~104 °F
      BTU 1432
      Fans Expected Life 70,000 hours

The Black Dog LED PhytoMAX 2 420 watt led grow light feathers a super compact as well as powerful punch. This grow light is powerful enough to outperform a 600 Watt High Pressure Black Dog LED 400W led grow light specsSodium HID Grow Light. The PhytoMAX 2 400 produces 641uMol/s total PHOTON FLUX.

This led grow light is a TRUE FULL SPECTRUM LED GROW LIGHT with a light spectrum of 365-750nm, UV to NIR that’s well beyond reliable for growing DANK WEED.

I personally found this grow light to be one of the most powerful commercial style grow lights on the market not only this year 2018 but of all time.

With LED technology rapidly changing, Black  Dog LED has definitely used it to their advantage and done something that no other led grow light company on the scene has done. This grow light is made with nothing but high quality parts from its casing all the way to it’s 5w Cree & OSRAM TOP BIN LED’s.  

LED Grow lights producing high quality marijuana


Available at eXtreme LED Grow Lights