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Top 3: Best Led Grow Lights

What are The Top Three Led Grow Lights 2018? Buyers Guide

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Growing marijuana or are you thinking of starting your indoor Cannabis growing project?

One of the most important products you will need is an indoor grow lamp. Just any old indoor grow lamp won’t do the trick though. Over the last couple of years LED Grow Light technology has been introduced to the gardening industry and has definitely changed the game for growers around the world. The Best Led Grow Lights offer the Full Spectrum of valuable colors to plants just as the sunlight does. So closely that it is said to be an Exact Sunlight Replication .

How to Decide On The Type of LED Grow Light To Purchase Online

Selecting the best led grow light for your weed crop depends on a list of things. You need to have enough light when the plants are growing and even more footprint when plants are budding.  But deciding on the best LED grow light is a very unique decision.

Why does my choice of grow lights depend on a number of things?

Well, it’s simple if you really think about it. The number of plants you are going to grow affects the amount of lighting you will need for your indoor grow garden.

Whether you plan on supplementing your garden with other grow lamps during budding also plays a role in the decision for the best led grow light.

All of this can get quite confusing if you try to think too hard on it, so don’t worry, we are here to help you choose the perfect led light for growing plants indoors.

Benefits of Growing With LED Lighting

Led lights offer the latest growing technology and the best part about anyone incorporating LEDs is that you don’t have to replace a single bulb as compared to hid grow lights such as HPS, and MH. You also don’t have to deal with the annoying ballasts. To top that off, you don’t  have to worry about temperatures reaching scorching levels due to the heat as LED grow lights do not get hot or produce much heat at all. They are so cool that you don’t even have to have supplemental cooling or exhaust systems.

So, while it may be confusing choosing the best grow lamp, we are going to lay it out in an easy to understand way. Follow along and we will have you growing some dank ass weed before you know it using a bad ass led grow lamp! 

How To Choose the Best Grow lights: updated 4/7/18

Making a Choice on Which Grow Lights Is a Task, So Keep These Few Things In Mind When Deciding:

Take into account the area you are going to cover with light. by knowing the square footage of the area you are planting in you will better know how many lights and lamps you need to cover this area.

  1. Consider the area you need your grow lights to cover. You will need to know the square footage of the area in which you will be planting your seeds or clones. By knowing this you will be able to determine the amount of grow lights you will need to cover this area.
  2. Consider the two phases marijuana plants go through in their life cycle. If you plan on using a single grow light throughout both phases then you want to choose a full spectrum grow light
  3. Consider the PAR, Angle of Lens, as well as Footprint of the light you are looking at
  4. Your Budget is definitely an aspect to consider, as you certainly can’t buy a grow light that cost more money than you have on hand. You can always upgrade as your crops make you profits.

The Smart Decision: Full Spectrum Grow Light For Growing Indoor Gardens

Newer to the market than LEDs themselves is Full Spectrum LEDs. With that said, there are many veteran growers who are still unfamiliar with this technology. So if your buddy told you something regarding LEds and he’s an older cat, be sure to educate him or refer him here as Grow Light technology has advanced tremendously just in the last two to three years.

Many hear the term LED Grow Light and they picture the old long inefficient tubes from the past. That’s definitely not what we are referring to as we discuss LED Plant Lights today. Full Spectrum Grow Lights emit a full spectrum of colors that identically mimics the sun itself.

Here are a handful of reasons choosing full spectrum grow lights is the smart choice when deciding which LED Grow Light is Perfect for your Indoor Garden!

  1. Full Spectrum Grow Lights Prove to Produce Higher yields than standard (hps) and (mh) grow lights
  2. Cheaper To Operate Full Spectrum LEDs
  3. Full Spectrum LEDs Operate at much cooler temperatures
  4. Average 50,000 Hour Lifespan per Light
  5. Most include a 3-5 yr warranty

Is it time for you to update your grow lighting system? If you are spending over $50 each cycle, it’s time to upgrade to a FULL SPECTRUM LED GROW LIGHTING SYSTEM TODAY. You can not argue with the proof that full spectrum is more efficient, produces larger yields, or that they are overall the best for your budget.

We have reviewed hundreds of grow lights over the years and looked at thousands of led grow lights on the market today. We’ve chosen the

Top Three Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights For Beginners

Best Full Spectrum Led Grow Light For 3′ x 3′ Grow Space

SonneSpectrum 300 Led Grow Light Wins Best Full Spectrum Grow Light for 3'x3' Grow Area

SonneSpectrum 300

When in search for LED Grow Lights Across The Web, You are sure to find a large range of choices. When it comes to growing weed, you need a light that is more than just a light. You need to buy a high output light that can mimic sunlight and wake up your babies smack em’ on the ass and make them grow up. That’s the type of grow light that will produce the medical quality buds you buy at the dispensaries.

The thing we like best about the SonneSpectrum-300 is that even though LEDs do not produce much heat, they can still become damaged as they can’t handle much heat and Sonne LED has made the latest technology as far as heat dissipation as the fans pull the air it is drafted through the channels on the side across the board to cool down the LEDs which ensures your grow light will last he 50,000 hours it is rated at.

Sonne has hit the Spectrum on the head with their SonneSpectrum™ 


The SonneSpectrum™

The SonneSpectrum-300 has 60 3w LEDs which only draws 180w of power while producing the power of a 450w HID Grow Light. Sonne being the type to not brag still only advertises it as a 300W replacement. We know many growers who claim they replaced their 400w with no problem and it still outperformed. Sonne said that studies showed that 3w diodes in a 3′ x 3′ grow tent produced the absolute best yield as they got the perfect canopy penetration while not causing burned leaves. They originally intended to use 5w diodes however their own studies proved that to be overkill for a grow area of this size.  Below is the colors and amount of lights in each SonneSpectrum-300.

  • 2x 6000K (White)
  • 2x 585nm (Yellow)
  • 28x 660nm (Deep Red)
  • 2x 430nm (Deep blue)
  • 2x 730nm (IR)
  • 2x 410nm (UV)
  • 12x 630nm (Red)
  • 2x 610nm (Orange)
  • 20x 460nm (Blue)




The only con we can say is that it may not be the cheapest grow light out there for beginners but I would have to say its’ definitely the cheapest quality led grow light I have seen. Under $300, you shouldn’t be growing weed if you can’t start out with a grow light in this price range.


You can pick this light up from a couple of places currently. Extreme Led Grow Lights includes three free gifts with every order. They offer a free digital scale, a bag of soil, and smart pots with the order of the SonneSpectrum-300.

Buy SonneSpectrum at Extreme LED Grow Lights


Buy SonneSpectrum-300 at Amazon 


Another great LED lamp that we like and have decided to add to our LED grow light review is the Morsen 2400W. Yes! It is a little on the expensive side, but it does make a great lamp for your marijuana plants. The Morsen 2400W LED light works on all phases of plant growth. And it works well with a number of different growing mediums as well. So whether you using water solution culture, soil culture or pot culture this LED lamp gets the job done.


  • Extremely bright 10W double LEDS. Offering as much as 2400W of light for a consumption of about 450W. So you see it is an energy saver as well.
  • Two switches for On/OFF. These are located on the back of the LED panel and control the brightness of the light.
  • You can connect the Morsen lamp in a daisy chain and add two or three panels without the need for an extension cord.
  • Cooling fans that dissipate the heat from the LEDs
  • Extensive 3 year warranty


This is an extremely bright LED light which is ideal for the flowering stage of your marijuana plant. Another feature we like for larger growers is that the lamps can be connected in a daisy chain. However, do stay safe and only connect as many as three lamps. You don’t want a fire hazard in your grow room . Plus, there is the added benefit of the 3 year warranty (again a company that stands beside its products).


A bit on the high side when referring to price, which is a slight concern because this lamp does not offer the ability to turn on and off certain LED colors as our prior choice does.

VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Series 450W LED Grow Light

Buy From Amazon

models are well-known among indoor Growers. This maker is exemplary in all of its product line, but especially so in the par 450 dimmable LED grow lights. This lamp offers three dimmers with a full spectrum layout and secondary Optical lenses for better growth. The viparspectra was first developed by indoor Growers and has improved over many years of careful experimentation and testing. When using this lighting system you will see an increase in the quality of your plant and the size of your flowering pods.


  • Dimmable LED Grow Light allows you to dim or intensify the different colors as needed for the different growth cycles.
  • Compares to 400W of output but only consumes 210W
  • Included Heatsinks and Cooling Fans
  • 3 year extensive warranty


Viparspectra lands are scientifically engineered so they keep the balance of the light with a quality par Lumen coverage plus the secondary Optical lens magnifies the par and increases penetration by up to 200%. The light spectrum on this lamp is adjustable and you candy Amor turn off the red white or blue LEDs. We also like the nice cool aluminum housing that protects the leds with heat sinks and high-speed fans.


When it comes to viparspectra we don’t see any disadvantages except for maybe price

How to Use LED Grow Lights?

Once you order your full spectrum led grow light, just chill out and wait on it to arrive. Once it does, hang that mf up and grow some dank nugs with it. Send some pics of your first grow!


Why Choose LED Grow Lights?

The reasons are simple and very easy to understand

  1. leds are more power per watt than any other light source
  2. much more efficient
  3. safer
  4. cooler
  5. produce more weed

Even the most experienced veteran growers are switching to led grow lights. Stop wasting your time and money, order one today.


Choosing the Right LED Lamps

When growers used HID or HPS lights they needed to know the exact wattage of each lamp and change them out as the plants grew. LEDs are also defined by the Wattage they put out, although they do not use the same output wattage when drawing electricity from the system. This is a good thing, because LED grow lamps do not consume as much energy and do not cause your electric bill to soar.

When you need to know the wattage for your growth needs, it is easiest to simply use the product’s advertised output wattage. For example, the minimum wattage, you need per square foot is about 40W, and the optimal wattage is about 80W. So if you want to have lighting for a 3ftx3ft grow tent, you have about nine square feet of grow space, which means you need about a 450W LED lamp to cover the entire area. You can get one lamp to do the job or two that you can daisy chain together.

Since growing weed is now legal in most states in the US, the market is growing as fast as the weed is. There are now more efficient ways to grow since more money is now put into the research.


The above list are just a few of our favorite LED grow lights and they meet the specific needs of any marijuana strain.  Use your grow room size to determine the wattage of the grow light that is best for your marijuana growing needs.

SonneSpectrum-450 LED Grow Light

Another great LED lamp that we like and have decided to add to our LED grow light review is the SONNESPECT-400. Yes! It is a little on the expensive side, but it does make a great lamp for your marijuana plants. The SONNESPECT400 LED light works on all phases of plant growth. And it works well with a number of different growing mediums as well. So whether you using water solution culture, soil culture or pot culture this LED lamp gets the job done.

  • Best Cooling Led Grow Light On The Market With State of The Art Heat Dissipitation and High rpm low noise cooling fans
  • High output 5W LEDs , emits high PAR light (Photosynthetically Active Radiation ) Best In Class canopy penatration
  • Dimming function and timer with wireless remote controller For Added Value and Convenience, Channel A is Bloom, Channel B is Veg, Programmable LCD DIsplay, INTERNAL PROGRAMMABLE TIMER FOR MORE STREAMLINE SETUPS,
  • 8 separately set stages, each preset allows user to set desired duration and spectrum intensities, Most Features For BEST EVER VALUE
  • Even With So Much Plant Growth Power and Such an Accurate Replication of the SONNE (sun), The light still cool to the touch even after extended periods of use, this makes for a longer life cycle with our revolutionary cooling system