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Keys to a successful indoor garden

Keys to Having a Successful Indoor Garden

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Keys To Having a Successful Indoor Home Garden


Having the right environment is critical for your garden. Key elements to a successful grow room include relative humidity, temperature, CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and air circulation/exchange. The ideal humidity for a garden room falls between 40 & 60 percent. Some plants like higher humidity, but know that higher humidity can lead to problems with fungus and disease. Temperatures in your grow room should be between 68 – 75 F degrees. Temperature changes will lead to variations in humidity levels. Avoid drastic temperature changes over a short period of time. Your plants need CO2 to grow. Assuming you have good air circulation/ exchange, your garden room will naturally have between 300-400 PPM (parts per million) of CO2; higher CO2 levels should accelerate growth rates. If you choose not to supplement CO2 in your garden room, it is important to address the air circulation/exchange so that your plants will receive fresh CO2. What lights are best for growing indoors?

Good water

The water you use for your plants will determine how well your plants will grow, regardless of what you add in terms of nutrients and supplements.PPM (parts per million) or EC (electrical conductivity) are the measurement of the salts in a solution. Neither PPM nor EC readings will tell you what is in your solution / water, but rather are indicators of the solutions ability to conduct electricity. Ideally, you want to start of with a low PPM or EC then you can add nutrients specified to your plants requirements. You can reduce the PPM of your water using a Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) unit then build your nutrient solution around what your plants need. pH (potential hydrogen) measures the acidity or alkalinity of your solution on a scale of 0 – 14. A solution is considered acidic below 7 and basic at 7 or higher. When working with hydroponics you typically want your pH to fall between 5.8 and6.2. When growing in soil or coco you want your pH between 6.0 and 6.8. The most important rule to remember with pH is to avoid extremes. Nutrient “lockout” occurs with high and low pH levels.


Ebb & Flow gardens flood and drain a tray of plants with a nutrient solution at regular intervals. A drip garden provides nutrient solution to the plant through tubes & emitters (drip stakes) to each plant. Aeroponic growing mists an oxygenated nutrient solution directly to the roots of a plant. NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) gardens create a slow moving nutrient solution -‘film’- that flows over the roots of the plants. Organics have become a preferred method of growing. Choose the size container you want, an organic soil/medium, an organic fertilizer and water by hand.

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Medium (s)

Growing mediums act as the anchor for the plants root system. Some add nutritional value to your plants while others simply give the roots something to hold on to. Some mediums to consider are soil, soil-less mixes, coco, hydroton, rockwool / stonewool, or silica stone. Coco is available in both a loose and compressed form. Coco is made from the husks of a coconut, and it is very pH stable and provides good moisture retention and natural aeration qualities. Hydroton or clay pebbles are made from expanded, pH neutral clay. They tend to hold water well and have great oxygen to water ratio; this makes hydroton suitable for hydroponic and soil gardens. With proper sterilization techniques, hydroton can be reused. Rockwool is made from stone that is heated then spun into fibers. It is then compressed into starter cubes, grow blocks, or slabs. This medium has excellent oxygen to water ratio. Rockwool tends to have a higher pH, so flushing with 5.5-5.8 pH balanced water or a rockwool conditioning solution is recommended. Rockwool works best in an ebb & flow and drip systems. Silica stone is a rock that contains high levels of silicate which helps slow transpiration rates of plants. This is especially helpful in garden rooms that have temperatures above 85 F degrees. Silica stone is pH neutral and environmentally friendly. Like hydroton, silica stone can be reused and is suitable for hydroponic and soil gardens.


Like humans, plants require food (nutrients) to grow. Nutrients come in organic and synthetic varieties and are available in both liquid and dry form. Nutrients can be separated into two categories, macro and micro nutrients. The macronutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur. The micronutrients or trace nutrients include iron, manganese, boron, zinc, copper, molybdenum and chlorine. If the nutrients are deficient or are abundant you may see burning, curling or yellowing. You do not want to over or under fertilize. There are many different types of nutrients/fertilizers available on the market. You can purchase organic, synthetic (chemical) or a combination of both. Most nutrients/fertilizers will have an N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) on the front of the bottle. In the vegetative or growth stage the “N” will typically be higher. In the flowering or bloom stage the “P” will typically be higher. You may also consider implementing additives/supplements into your nutrient mix. Additives/supplements can bolster microbial activity at the root zone, increase size, flavor and aroma. When used together, nutrients and supplements will help you achieve maximum results.


Black Dog LED & Sonne LED are our preferred lighting in a garden room. However, the two types of HID lighting most commonly used are HPS (High Pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide). HPS lamps deliver more of an orange/ red spectrum, which is ideal for most plants in the flowering/bloom stage. MH lamps deliver more of a blue/green spectrum, which is ideal for most plants in the vegetative/growth stage. Another type of lighting ideal for plant growth is T5 lighting. T5 lighting is a high-output fluorescent light with low heat and minimal energy consumption. It is an ideal light for cuttings, mother plants and short growth cycles. All plants require light in order to grow and bloom. Most plants grow and bloom according to the amount of light they are given. In the growth or vegetative stage plants typically want 15-18 hours of light. In the bloom stage you reduce the amount of light your plants get to 10-12 hours. You want to make sure the light comes on and of at the same time everyday (just like mother- nature). The best way to accomplish this is by putting your light on a timer.


There are many different meters available for testing pH, PPM, EC, temperature, humidity, CO2 and light levels. Single meters are available as are combination meters that test and/or monitor your environmental conditions The important thing to remember is your garden will only be as good as the limiting factor. Water, nutrient, light, temperature, humidity, CO2 & circulation are the elements to a successful garden room. By “dialing in” these elements, you will ensure a successful and bountiful garden. Keys to having a successful indoor garden


There are many items available to help your garden grow. Organics, controls, fans, blowers, plant stakes, relays, nutritional supplements and the lists go on. Consult with your retail supplier to discuss what the best accessories for your garden are. Let’s Get it Goin’!

Beginners Guide to Choosing The Best Grow Light


LED Grow lights producing high quality marijuana

The Best way to Grow Marijuana The simplest way

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Are You Looking For Instructions On Growing Marijuana? 

Ready to start growing indoors but unsure how to begin? It’s lots to think about initially. Aside from seeds or clones, you’ll need to have enough light-weight, drinking water, air move, temperature Handle, and nutrients, in addition to a position to shield your crops. One choice is a whole mature tent offer.

Best Grow Light Reviews Way Total Increase Tent Offer
Worm’s Way gives you this full set up. It’s got practically almost everything you’ll want to make a flourishing garden indoors. It includes all of this:

4-foot large by six½-foot tall increase tent
600-watt substantial stress sodium HID light package deal with digital ballast
Thermometer and hygrometer
Fan to flow into air
Ducting by having an inline charcoal filter to remove odors
Nutrients For each and every develop stage

Allow’s talk slightly about Each individual feature included in the kit so you’re able to see if it’s the right 1 for your escalating needs.

Mature tent – for max mild and darkness
The develop tent During this package is really a portable darkroom with a reflective inside. This focuses the utmost volume of mild on your plants and retains the tent isolated from its external atmosphere. Cannabis demands plenty of gentle. See 12 Best Led Grow Lights

And also, it demands finish darkness in the event the lights are off, Specially over the flowering phase. Except you’re growing an vehicle-flowering pressure, cannabis’s flowering period is activated by a swap to 12-hour days; any gentle through the dim period of time could cause your vegetation to return to the vegetative phase and wreck your harvest. So constantly search for a develop tent, such as this a single, that isn’t only extremely reflective on the interior but lightproof much too.

This tent is sixteen sq. ft. Mature cannabis vegetation tent to need about a person sq. foot Just about every, in addition you’ll require some place to maneuver. Which means you won’t manage to squeeze sixteen plants into this tent, but ten 12 really should be a much more comfy in good shape. Apart from, in many states the amount of vegetation you may lawfully develop at your house will probably be to some degree reduced.

Expand light – mimic the Solar indoors
The 600-watt HPS light-weight is the traditional grower’s beloved lamp for indoor gardening. It consumes plenty of electrical energy and places out many heat, but can make for good plant expansion at equally bloom and veg phase. A digital ballast makes sure that you’ve flicker-absolutely free mild. Plus the timer can help you ensure that the plants get standard durations of light and darkness.

We want LED develop lights, due to the fact they’re much cheaper to run, past lengthier, develop little heat and possess a more comprehensive spectrum than HID lights. But that doesn’t mean that an HPS mild received’t give you a excellent grow. It just signifies that you’ll will need to keep a more in-depth eye on matters. Luckily this deal has everything you’ll want to monitor and Management your escalating surroundings.

Other parts – checking and cooling your expanding setting
Because HPS lights place out lots of warmth, it could get overwhelmingly very hot in a little develop tent. The thermometer and hygrometer included in this improve kit make it easier to keep your plants wholesome. You’ll be capable to check if you have to boost air stream and alter the quantity of h2o they receive. Speaking of air circulation…

Beginners Guide To Growing Indoors

The lover is essential for use with any HPS setup to regulate the temperature. Coupled with the charcoal air filter and ducting, you’ll reduce that obvious odor of cannabis through the flowering phase. Which is very helpful in the event you’re developing at your house or stealth escalating.

Lastly, the correct nutrients are important. They don’t just enable you to increase significant, healthy plants, they have an impact within the style of the ultimate products. Think of your cannabis like fantastic wine. The soil wherein the vine grows presents taste to the wine. With this expand kit you have the complete number of nutrients To optimize plant growth at each expand stage.

The 420 Novice Verdict:
Get this gentle when you’re a completely new grower looking for a complete develop kit capable of developing around 12 cannabis vegetation.

We such as this bundle as it’s an all-in-just one Option that may assistance a completely new grower get started without needing to spend a lot of time researching all the very best gear and purchasing it from distinct distributors. You can be sure that all the components have been chosen and tested to operate beautifully alongside one another.

Considering that the package need to be assembled, the person sections can even be changed or upgraded if essential Later on. And the price of The entire package together is less than what you would pay For lots of styles of LED light-weight panels marketed by by themselves with out a kit. (That said, LED grow lights tend to buy them selves In the long term and exercise more affordable than developing with HID.)

In the event you’re ready to try escalating for The 1st time, the Worm’s Way package is a simple way to begin. All you’ll need are definitely the pots for your personal crops and several soil.

If 4×4 received’t in shape within your closet, we’ve also reviewed the smaller sized 3-foot by three-foot Worm’s Way package right here. Or if you wish to further take a look at what’s readily available, look into our Leading 10 Most effective Increase Tents write-up.

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Find out more about increasing with our totally free Starter’s Tutorial. In only 12 months, you may have your first harvest.

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