Best LED Grow Light Top 10: Find Out Which Grow Light Is The Best

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The 10 Best LED grow lights


Let’S get started with the list and coming in at number one on our list.


#1 Best Led Grow Light


The California light works Solar storm 880

is made with 176 powerful 5 watt diodes with high photosynthetic photon flux to penetrate deeper into the canopy. It has a uniform four by four foot average area built in 15 watt, UVB t8 tubes, and you can switch the spectrum from grow to bloom.

#2  Best Led Grow Light


G8 LED 450


At number two, it’s rare to find an affordable LED Grow Light strong enough to grow a plant with large yields at the hhe 300 somehow manages the job.

It’S not from multiple plants, though it features, lots of red and blue light spectrum and comes with four cooling fans and pre-attached hanging holes nearing the top of our list at number three. The G8 led 450 has a 6 foot power cord, giving you more placement options and offers an 8 band wavelength ratio for optimal, growing, plus added infrared and ultraviolet light. This one’s engineered for the blooming stage and works on either 110 volts or 240 volts. It’S rated for 50,000 hours of use. A kind’ k5 is one of the few brand-name 1000 watt LEDs you can find on the market. It features digital spectrum control, so you can fine-tune the light for every growth stage. It has a mix of 3 watt and 5 watt diodes and is dimmable for sensitive clones.

It also includes 8, fully customizable time stages, halfway up our list at number: five change between vegetable or flower options, with the flip of a switch using the advanced platinum p600. It has one of the highest power lumen outlets per watt, giving you huge yields. It features, super quiet, cooling fans and upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks. It can replace an 800 watt. Hbs grow light.

Moving up our list to number six.

#3 Best Led Grow Lights

Sonne LED Grow Lights SonneSpectrum 

Best Cooling Led Grow Light On The Market With State of The Art Heat Dissipitation and High rpm low noise cooling fans

  • High output 5W LEDs , emits high PAR light (Photosynthetically Active Radiation ) Best In Class canopy penitration
  • Dimming function and timer with wireless remote controller For Added Value and Convenience, Channel A is Bloom, Channel B is Veg, Programmable LCD Display, INTERNAL PROGRAMMABLE TIMER FOR MORE STREAMLINE SETUPS,
  • 8 separately set stages, each preset allows user to set desired duration and spectrum intensities, Most Features For BEST EVER VALUE
  • Even With So Much Plant Growth Power and Such an Accurate Replication of the SONNE (sun), The light still cool to the touch even after extended periods of use, this makes for a longer life cycle with our revolutionary cooling system

All Sonne Led Grow Lights Include a Industry Leading 5 year Warranty!

I spoke to the owner of the company and he is very knowledgeable and has really developed a high quality grow light.

The company has outstanding customer service coming in at number eight on our list. The black star, chrome 270, offers a full spectrum range, including infrared and ultraviolet, for healthier plants. It comes with a one-year all-inclusive warranty and has a two foot by three foot coverage area. This one’s recommended for experienced growers and operates 30 degrees cooler than previous models.


A lens system pushes light past the canopy at number. Nine. The taotronics 80 is perfect for sensitive seedlings and clones, giving them just enough light without risking burning the leaves and officer 90 % energy savings over metal halide. It’S great for rooms with no heat air vents and is small enough to fit in tight spaces.


But it is too weak for flowering or large plants starting off our list at number 10.


The galaxy hydro, Co B, 800 has 90 degree reflective cups for a higher light gathering effect and can easily be daisy chained together to run multiple lights. In sync, the under light temperature is lower than one hundred and eighteen point four degrees Fahrenheit. However, the fan is a bit loud and it’s not as strong as other 800 watt LEDs to see all this stuff go to wicked and search for LED grow lights or click beneath this video

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