Beginners Guide: How To Grow Big Buds Indoors a Guide To Growing Marijuana

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Follow this beginners guide to growing marijunana at home

So make sure that your growing room is well ventilated.

Put the seeds in the warm water. That brings us to Indica .
Greater chance of damage caused by pests, animals or disease. Then hang some wire horizontally from the ceiling and hang the cut plants underneath, upside down, so that there is some space between the plants for a good air circulation.
Disadvantages of growing cannabis indoors
Experts who see things differently, claim that sunlight gives more effective and healthier nutrients than artificial lighting.
In general, the ganja community agrees that the quality of marijuana grown in the indoor air is much better than that grown in nature.. It is also an important element for the absorption of water and nutrients, which promotes the rapid growth of the plant.

See top 10 led grow lights for growing marijuana

Water until about 20% of the water runs through the drain hole at the bottom of the container. The soil is (dirty!) Cheap and reliable for the growth of each plant. And it is perhaps the one who works for you!

Inhale or Vapen

Marijuana evaporator and grinder

Inhaling or evaporation is a process in which the cannabis is heated and the vapor of the weeds is inhaled by the consumer.

Placement of light

Light Placement

The ideal distance from the light of your plants depends entirely on the type of source you use. Roots want both air and water, so a little dryness is healthy for the plant, but not too much, otherwise the plant will dry out. The germination rate is 85% or more, while the conversion rate for cloned plants is about 50%.

If you grow in the ground, you still get a powerful crop, but there is less chance of mistakes and you can get started for a much lower amount. But it has both advantages and disadvantages, so let’s first discuss it before you go into the core details of how to grow your own Cannabis Sativa with hydroponics.0.

The average time, a healthy seed takes to germinate is about 2 to 7 days, but the period may vary depending on the quality of the seed, temperature, moisture, etc.
Every plant needs good ventilation. It is up to you which method and medium you select to grow your indoor marijuana. And can also be less unhealthy, depending on the type of food you like to add, of course!

Other use of cannabis
Apart from smoking, inhaling, eating or drinking, marijuana is also used in a whole range of other ways.

The level of 6.
It also saves money because you do not have to buy seeds.

We do not necessarily recommend one method than the other.

However, a hydroponic solution requires thorough monitoring.

Check PH values

check ph levelks

The pH value of marijuana plants must be monitored very carefully. As we said above, they are by far the simplest option and also increasingly the best option, especially for a beginner. It should not be too bright and should be in accordance with the light levels that the plant needs.

(You can also view our full beginner’s manual for choosing your first seeds. And you must have access to a factory to take cutting.
Until the time the plant is busy with rooten, you must spray it with water.
The height of the crop may differ from that of outdoor plants, in natural environmental conditions. Also keep an eye on your lighting.

Anyway, it is another method to add to your \\ tasted and tried \\ list.

Do not give the plant too much water, a big mistake. Your light should contain instructions with the recommended heights for each growth phase, so that every plant in your grow room gets enough light. It is actually the intensity of light..
Now comes the most patient phase, while you wait for a factory to mature.



The right time to harvest the marijuana is easy.

When about 70% has turned brown, it is a good time to prepare your harvesting tool. As a general estimate, it takes about 6 to 12 weeks for Cannabis Sativa to mature.

Harvesting marijuana
Cannabis ready to harvest

Let’s get rid of one thing, harvesting marijuana does not require any kind of rocket science. It happens because during the rooten the plant eats all nutrients from the leaves of the fan.

The first step is choosing the right seeds.

You have to boil some water, both dishes with it so that there are no bacteria left.
Your plants are guaranteed to be feminine.

A container can be of any kind, including a pot, a small bucket, a wooden box or the like.

Important information about the role of light in growing cannabis
What you need to determine before choosing the lighting system is the color and temperature of the light.

If you follow all the steps, you should be well on your way to your first successful cannabis harvest indoors. Too low and you see lightning and yellow of the leaves.

Transplant a cannabis plant

Whether you have your seedling process in a stone wool box or in a pot, it is now time to transplant those seedlings in the garden or in the hydroponic system, where they will really grow and produce the material for top quality weeds.


Getting started Growing cannabis

If you’re just starting out, or maybe just thinking, we’ll show you the easiest and most practical way to grow – and you’ll get all the information and techniques you need to get from seed to a successful crop. This guide does not cover the subject of hybrids, but as you go on,When growing marijuana you will also learn that there are many different hybrid species to experiment with – you could even experiment with making your own. The ideal water-pH level at this stage is 5.

Remember that it needs a normal room temperature to germinate in the soil, which is about 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Choosing the right type of soil for cannabis
Remember that if you let cannabis grow in the ground, you have to be picky in selecting the type of soil.

We will soon be discussing some basic information about cannabis, followed by the relative advantages and disadvantages of indoor and outdoor cultivation.

With feminised seeds, however, there is still a 5% chance of hermaphrodite plants, which produce both male and female flowers and self-pollinate. If they are all amber, you have waited too long – your weed may have a very strong, possibly unpleasant taste, and active ingredients will have deteriorated.
Now you can place these clones under HID or LED lights or you can plant them outside in the ground. Be sure to perform each step correctly and in the correct order.

But first a bit more about how marijuana is consumed . And as we mentioned above, the instructions that belong to your light and seeds / plant should see you well.

If you want good quality marijuana, you need good quality seeds. Our advice is also to germinate in the hot months for more effective results.

Once the seed has germinated, the white-colored, root-shaped shoot must become longer and longer.. Too little nitrogen causes the leaves of the plant to turn yellow. But again, in the end it is a matter of following the right instructions thoroughly. Not all clones become healthy plants.. It can kill your plant.

This is also a reasonably economical way to get high on marijuana. If you do not find a wilting for 4 to 6 hours, it means that you are ready to move on.

Industrially grown hemp, Cannabis Ruderalis, is a strain of Sativa. You have to carefully remove the plant from the container, along with the roots and all the soil around them. Although it is perfectly suited for rope and other fibers, industrial hemp is not suitable for smoking – it is bred with a much higher proportion of CBD (cannabidiol), which negates the THC (the psychoactive substance in cannabis). The only thing that remains is the lighting level, which we will guide later in detail, after talking about cloning . The function of the cotyledon is primarily to store the food and to make the emerging plant healthy. It only happens because of genetics and nothing else.

But in fact, what happens is that the root system develops.

(Do you want to skip directly to growing weed indoors? Click here.
Due to the controlled and controlled system of hydroponics, there must be no dry spots or drowning of roots.You should cut 50% more clones than the number of plants you need.
How can I prevent rotting when cultivating clones?
Do not worry if you think your clones are fading, just check that they are properly placed in their respective media.

By using these THC-rich parts of the plant, a much stronger medicine is prepared with the name hashish, which is generally experienced eight times stronger than marijuana.

If you are not interested in changing this growing thing in a large company, you can choose to grow in the containers. If some seeds float up, remove them.

Sometimes it seems that the stems of the plant are purple in its early days. A marijuana crop needs a brightness of at least 3000 lumens per square foot.)

If you do not have as many female plants as you want, you can start a different germination process as soon as possible. Or you can have different lights for different phases of the growth cycle.

Lumen actually only measures the intensity of light for the human eye.)
Also check for hermaphrodite plants.
Cut a lower node or two on the stem.

Try to leave a suitable but uniform space between each plant (3-4 feet, or more if you have space), so that productivity is maximized.

The different techniques for seed germination are as follows:

This is the most reliable technique for the germination of marijuana or any other seed.

With the right techniques, however, it is demonstrably easier to grow cannabis of high quality in indoor conditions. Use a magnifying glass to check.
Several studies show that photosynthesis always works best with sunlight.. Also keep an eye on nutrients and lighting.

When transplanting the seedling, dig a hole in the ground and carefully insert the seedling.
As plants begin to flower, you can start the process within the first few weekssex of the plant. Cdo not use. If you go with the seed process, you can grow something different every time – try different flavors, aromas and effects.
Keep an eye on flowers, because a stressed female plant can begin to grow elongated yellow pollen bags from the center of the bud.

But do not worry if you have no idea yet! That is what this manual is for. So for most growers that is probably the best option.
Outdoor planting of marijuana
Cannabis grows outside

Outdoor cultivation of marijuana is generally seen as a difficult task.
Disadvantages of cloning
Because of the genetic uniformity, there is more chance that plants will succumb to pests and diseases.

Sources of light for growing marijuana indoors
If you want to grow a crop indoors, you obviously need some artificial light source – and you just can not afford to ignore good lighting if you are a serious grower and want results.

But a good LED grow light is the easiest option. Move them off the paper towel as soon as the sprouts show their tips.

First information about marijuana
Since this is a beginner’s manual for growing marijuana, we start with some basic information about the plant itself.

First preparations
First of all, collect all the basic necessary items that you need.
You can control and optimize all necessary growth factors: lighting, air, humidity, water, soil, temperature, nutrients, etc.

The reason is simple that it is a cost-effective method and has fewer risks compared to other methods.

When it comes to gardening in general, we all know that there are two important ways to grow something:

It is exactly the same for marijuana. Maybe an hour later, sometimes even three to four. In general, after 8 weeks of flowering Indica, Sativa after 12 weeks (10 for some strains), and autoflowering strains harvest after 10 weeks in total from seedling to bud. Do not overfill the plant with an extraordinary amount of nutrients.

Whether it is fat or thin, the most important thing is that the joint is firmly rolled up.

Detailed background
Cannabis sativa botanical illustration

There are two main strains of cannabis: Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.

If you are a newbie grower, it is worth noting here that the growth of the plant seems slow at this stage. Also pay attention to the amount of light it receives.

As far as fertilizer is concerned, ordinary manure fertilizer will do just fine for marijuana.

Growing marijuana can be fun if you are fully aware of what you have to do.
Now you can start feeding your plant with water and other nutrients in your hydroponic system. New clones need relatively soft light: 25/45/45 (red / blue / white percentage – see the link for explanation of light settings).
A week before harvest, feed the plant with water only. Add a little weak nutrient at this stage. Too much or too little light can damage your crop and its yield.
Give the plants light in the flowering phase for 12 hours and increase the red part of the spectrum.

The best thing about CFLs is that they are available almost everywhere.

How do I harvest my marijuana flowers?
On the day you decide to harvest your marijuana, it is a good idea to start early in the morning. Keep it moist and wait until the sprouts come out.

Viagrow V4X4COMP Ebb \\ u0026 Flow hydroponic system drawer, 4 ‘x 4’

Hydroponics for growing marijuana yields the greatest yields. In the seed method it takes days for germination, growth of seedlings, and so on.

Cloning method for growing marijuana
Cloning is one of the smartest methods to grow indoors and is widely used by farmers and growers of indoor marijuana.
The simplest rule of thumb to ensure that your plants are adequately covered by an LED grow light is to take at least 32w per square foot. Many of them can die by shock.

Smoking joints, splits or blunt strips
Cannabis joint

This is perhaps the least healthy way to consume weed, especially when the joint contains tobacco (technically it is more of a split than a joint), but it is probably the most common. Keep it at a warm temperature, such as in 95 degrees Fahrenheit. but they do come in.
Do not forget that lighting plays the main role in the nutrition of your marijuana harvest.

It is true, there is another way to start, by taking a cut from an existing plant and cloning (we will discuss that later) .

But what is best depends on your circumstances and the results you want to achieve.
Lack of privacy from curious neighbors.

Indica species also produce a shorter, denser, faster-growing plant, making it ideal for indoor cultivation. And we all know the health risks of tobacco.(If you are not sure whether growing cannabis is legal, check out our handy interactive map. With this method you need a normal coffee cup filled with hot water. It will not affect the growth of the plant in any way and its removal can damage the roots.
Growing weed clones in adult plants
The next step is dome and lighting.
Disadvantages of growing Cannabis outdoors
You have no control over exposure to light.

Watering can of marijuana plants
Watering depends on the size of the plant and the intensity of the light.
When buying LED grow lights, and when looking at high PAR values, you also need to view the spectrum that it produces.
NB We can go much deeper into ensuring an even light distribution, PAR and the various measurement values ​​and assessments for growing lamps.

However, we will give you a step-by-step guide to all three of these indoor cannabis breeding methods so that you have a good idea of ​​which method is most suitable for you and why.

However, Sativa varieties are easiest to grow outside. The level and potential and exact effects on your body and mind depend on the quality and variety of cannabis and the way it is grown, prepared for use and stored. After that it all depends on how you want to taste your weed and what effects you are looking for.


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the most important active ingredient.)

Try to keep the humidity and temperature under control when you grow weed plants indoors.
They can easily die of shock if a little wrong use happens. When the size is about a quarter inch, this is the perfect time to transfer it to another medium such as a rock wool leaf or another pot where it is possible to become a baby plant. So keep an eye on plants that you thought were female, and do not just judge one preflower. Also remove hermaphrodite plants that are self-pollinating and can also pollinate other plants.

We will try to make this manual as user-friendly as possible. (So ​​yes, balls and a phallic shape, if that helps you remember.

Because it can be time-consuming, look at how many plants you have, estimate how long it takes to cut them all, and make sure you have enough free time to get everything ready. This method is also simple and it really works..

Make sure that the soil you use for growing marijuana is drained but does not drain all the water completely. Both can have similar symptoms. Cut all plants that you feed into your grow room.

Cannabis pipe

There are special pipes to make the marijuana smoke cooler (we mean the temperature, but some pipes can look pretty cool too!).

But do not worry too much if you see the first signs in young plants, the more they grow, the more nutrients they need.
Or you can just assess and plan ahead in time.

As with the best way to consume your marijuana, the best way to grow it is the method that best suits you and best suits your needs and circumstances.

And if it’s legal where you are, and you find yourself talented, you can even start your own business and become a weed entrepreneur. A small mistake in the chemical solution can be the cause of the destruction of a whole harvest. PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) is the part of the light spectrum that the plant can actually absorb and use for photosynthesis.

Although a hydroponic approach can bring you a good amount of marijuana in a shorter time, there are many things you can do wrong and it is not a cheap method, especially if you just want to try it out, experiment and learn a bit, and see how a first attempt pops out. What breeding makes a problem in the future.

Remember that you do not want to leave the germinated seeds too long on the towel.

But using it as an ingredient is pretty popular and definitely works – but be careful not to take the dose by mistake, assuming the first brownie or mug of tea was a deaf person!

The effects can be a little delayed if they are eaten . If they are milky white and some become amber, they are ready.
How to take a cutting wound from a marijuana plant
Select the right clones: actively growing plant tops, with two to three nodes / branches only with fan blades (mature plants have alternating leaves, instead of opposite leaves). The crop will not be sustainable if a suitable amount and type of lighting is not offered.0

Low nitrogen content is good for female plants, while high nitrogen levels produce and feed male plants efficiently. Go with what suits you best.

There is a lot of discussion among stoners and other marijuana users about what is the best way to use and consume marijuana, but it is really about the method of conadding up that works best for you and what you want. Only healthy parent plants produce healthy seeds of top quality.7 to 6. See the photo below. We have already discussed it above.
Other signs that it is time to harvest: the stem begins to widen, leaves will turn yellow and die. Seeds must germinate before planting. The latter, however, are more for commercial growers. You can gently pull the plant upwards to check.

Soil texture also plays an important role in the growth process of cannabis, so make sure it is fluffy and light and can drain excess water, while maintaining what is needed.
Female plants start to grow white hairs around the buds / branches, these will turn into white, irregular, almost shoot-like ‘pistils’.
Late bloomer: 100/70/100. Keep the pH value of the tap or the filtered water in the holes that you grow. They need bright light, but it is in particular the blue and red parts of the visible light spectrum that plants actually absorb and use for photosynthesis.

Seedlings: 15/30/30 (15% red, 30% blue, 30% white). These negative effects can be:

Short-term memory loss
Respiratory disorders (cough, asthma, etc. it is normal. When the plant is rooted, it does not come out of the cube. Hence the above discussion. The maximum temperature that a marijuana plant can tolerate is about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Too many nuts can spoil a plant very quickly.
Cloning can be workable and reliable if you take cuttings from your existing marijuana plants that you know well.
How important is light for growing marijuana indoors?
Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Marijuana requires a lot of light.

Does Marijuana / Weed have positive effects as a medicine?
The effects may vary from person to person and depend on what exactly is smoked. This light can be natural sunlight or T9 growth light, or even an HID light if you are careful.
Also, pollination of female plants can take place more easily, so that they produce seed instead of the buds that you want to harvest.

How to germinate a cannabis seed
There are many techniques to start germinatie.

Early LED lighting systems were not ideal, but the technology and costs improved quickly and LED lamps are now highly regarded for indoor plant cultivation. Once you have seen signs that plants are being rinsed, you should water them well. They need so much light to get into the vegetative phase.

For plants that can only use wavelengths within the range of the light spectrum of 400-700 nm, it is PAR that really matters, and the spectrum of light produced.
Once your plant has grown to 18, it is time to start the flowering process.

Spray water and keep it moist until you see a small sprout coming up from the ground.
The characteristics of your end product will be the same or even better in taste, smell and effects each time. Too low and you see a brown burnt look on the ends and the edge of the leaves, which turn yellow in the leaf.

Indoor planting of marijuana
Marijuana growing indoors – growing weed at home

Growing indoors is very common.

You will find various advice on the wattage of lamps, with the maximum that most growers use 1000 W for the cultivation of Cannabis Sativa. Set your light to 15/30/30 (15% red, 30% blue, 30% white).

In general, you need to water your crop every other day. Clean them first and make holes of the right size under the pots.

Whatever type you grow, usually the leaves and flowers are dried, crushed and then smoked with a pipe or in cigarette form-although there are plenty of other ways to prepare and take it if you are not a smoker. Ideal for people who do not smoke. So what you’re looking for are hard, dark brown drop-shaped seeds, with darker tiger stripes (mostly Indica seeds) or brown, black or brown spots (mostly Sativa). Health gurus suggest that users should take light touches because they cause less stress on the lungs.

Why? Because no tobacco is involved, no paper to destroy the taste, it is not constantly burning, and the water and percs or filters cool and filter the smoke for easier inhalation.

In addition, keep the potassium level low to stimulate the growth of female plants and vice versa for male plants. QUICK TIP: Always take more clones than necessary to make the inevitable possible.

When should I harvest my marijuana harvest?
Let’s continue with the chase right away. The browner, the heavier heavier and more narcotic.

Used as an ingredient
Some people eat raw cannabis, which you may or may not make high (there are many who say that it works for them and many others who say that it does not make sense). To make things easier, start by cutting the larger, heavier plants first.

This is what you need to know to do well .. It must be able to hold some water.

Nevertheless, so you are fully informed, let’s take a brief look at the pros and cons of growing outside:

Benefits of growing Cannabis outdoors
The crop is given a simple, natural ventilation.
If you use LED grow lights, check the PAR value of your light for proper coverage.

You can even make your own propagation machine, although buying the market does not cost much.
Saves a plant from all delicate growth cycles. If that is not the case, it will easily come out of the cube. This is necessary to prevent light from entering this environment. We start growing weed indoors .
The moisture dome must be removed from the clone tray on the fifth day.

Phosphorus plays an important role in the process of photosynthesis and respiration.2 is the best condition for the survival of your marijuana plant.
Cannabis cuttings for cloning

Treat your clone in a fungicide B1 mix solution and make sure that the lowest node is covered in any case. And of course, every option has its respective advantages and disadvantages – that we cshortly.

Compact fluorescent tubes are also available on the market, usually abbreviated to CFL.
Cut large leaves double to ensure that the clone focuses on making roots.

This is what you have to learn: only 2 or 3 of the 10 non-feminized seeds become healthy female marijuana plants, others can spoil or grow as male plants.

The three factors that must be taken into account when selecting suitable soil for marijuana are nutrients, PH content and texture.

We recommend to transplant overnight, so that the plant has a suitable time to rest before the light begins to grow and again photosynthesizes.
You know when and how you should flower your crop, which is not something you can arrange with outside landscaping. Then once a day when the dome is removed. We also regularly revisit to keep things current. However, if you use something coolers such as LED grow lights, hang them 10 to 14 inches from the plant.
Flowering: 20-26ºC; less than 55%.

Fluorescent and especially LED grow lights are ideal for the growth of marijuanaant.

You have to be careful with the spacing of the plants.

A general excess of nutrients – usually known as \\ nutrient burning – can be determined by means of yellow or brown ends of the leaves.

Transplantation can cause some damage to the root system and some stress to the plants, so they need some time to settle down.
Growing a lot of marijuana immediately becomes a much simpler process, because cloning takes so much less time to grow. Proper light cycles are one of the most important factors in the production and quality of weeds.

You can start with small containers because they are much easier to handle. Adjust the lighting schedule for 12 hours of light per day. You may need to learn different methods for training plant growth, to ensure that they do not become too high for your room or too close to the heat of your grow lights (even cooler LED grow lightscan damage a plant that is too close).

For indoor cultivation, the night depends on the lighting scheme of your installation.
Now you have to prepare your walls to maximize your weed production. And over time and with experience, you will be able to refine the process and learn even more. Use as much nitrogen as you can, especially during the vegetation to ensure that the growth of the plant takes place in the best way. Sometimes a plant develops female pre-flowers on one side and a male on another.

Later we return to hydroponics.

Different types of bulbs can produce a wide spectrum of usable light for growing cannabis. This is the safest and most reliable method to germinate a marijuana seed. For better light coverage, the higher the better. For this beginner’s guide, however, we have decided to stick to the simplest rules of thumb so that you can grow faster.

Temperature, humidity, ventilation, nutrients
Make sure that you do not overheat the plants with the lighting. All you have to do is make some holes (about 1 centimeter diameter) to tap off excess water and get air to the roots.

You must start by cutting the plant completely out of the root. These bunches can also resemble bananas, in shape and color.

Note that you can select one of the above methods for seed germination.At this early stage, a baby plant needs intensive care.
Keep all clones in your area within easy reach at the time of planting; exposed clones will soon wither. These are not mature or ready for germination.
Let bloom (1-2 weeks before harvesting): 18-24ºC, 5-10º lower with lights off; 30-40%. Real leaves at this stage of marijuana plant growth have 3 lamina. But the main purpose of this manual is to keep things simple, so we will start by describing the simplest solution for a novice marijuana grower:


Growing weed with soil with germination process
We have already discussed why cultivating marijuana with soil is the best method for beginners.

If you follow the above criteria, you must achieve successful results.
All clones will always be females. Remember that all future products depend on it, so choose a healthy, productive and disease-free mother plant.

Lighting schemes for different stages of marijuana plant growth
During the different phases of the plant, Cannabis Sativa requires different schedules and hours of lighting.

A growing / nursery mat can also help with germination, but this is an extra cost item. That said, growing outdoors naturally depends heavily on whether you live somewhere with good conditions for outdoor growing.

What do you need to grow weeds?
The most important factors to consider when you grow weed are:

Medium for growth
Understanding, managing and balancing the above-mentioned environmental factors is the key to successful growth.
The growing time is usually longer and depending on the circumstances in which you live, it may only be possible to produce one harvest per year.

The other common medium – especially for growing weeds indoors – is hydroponics, a way to grow plants without soil, with mineral nutrients in water. See also the discussion below.
If you use HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps, the general rule of thumb is 40w per square foot, with a maximum of 60-70w to maximize yield.
In the vegetative phase, the need increases daily to 18 to 24 hours. You do not have to find super extraordinary ultra-nutrients.

So when it comes to Sativa, it is the marijuana type that you may want to grow.

While when you are chilling at home with friends, a bong or flying around in a big blunt, it could be exactly the thing.
Regulation of humidity, temperature and lighting is more manageable but still difficult.

Ideally you harvest in the dark.

Grow weeds in containers
If you grow in containers, you have the opportunity to take care of each plant individually.

Cannabis Indica – bottle of American druggists

Cannabis Indica is closely related to Cannabis Sativa, but has a relatively higher ratio of CBD to THC, making it the more frequent choice for medical use.
Now you have to check whether the plant has already been rotted or not.

However, many available growing advice (especially for non-LED grow lights) still discusses lumen. It is a large and sometimes controversial topic in the weed growth mode.
You must check the system regularly.

Just look at the color of the pistils or hairs that cover the buds.
Nutrients are regulated under the system, so it also saves you money here.
With the right hydroponics system you can even grow your own weed in your bedroom.

Organic soil has the ability to produce cannabis cultivation of the best quality.

The third to fifth week can be the best time to determine whether your plant grows healthy or not.
The controlled system eliminates pollution in the environment. You actually make miniscule copies of the original plants.
Can be damaged or stolen by others.
It lowers water costs because water remains in the system.

A wider color spectrum lamp will tend to perform better than a grow light with a higher light output.
Clones are very sensitive, so they are not that easy to handle.

Lighting systems for growing weeds indoors
When it comes to lighting systems for indoor growing, there is currently an almost overwhelming amount of choice available.

The next step is to cover the cup with a lid so that the light can not enter.

Having said this, however, we want to repeat the importance of PAR values.

Harvesting is not difficult, but can certainly be time-consuming work, especially if there is enough harvesting.
Step by step guide for cloning cannabis plants
Below is the simple and step-by-step guide for creating your clones:

First preparations
The first and most important thing you have to do is choose the mother plant. When plants grow they are clearly closer to the light, so be careful not to become too much.
Water every other day.

From there it will eventually be transferred to the garden or a hydroponic system.

Now remove all male plants because they will pollinate the females. Also remember that too much smoking can cause asthma.

How do you clone?
Choose some donor plants, then take cuttings and let the cuttings grow in a separate medium.

Germination in the soil
Cannabis germination in the soil

Some farmers prefer germination in the ground.

For the ultra-newbies among you, the plant has many names, the most common of which are:

  • Weeds
  • Pot
    Tree (s)
  • Button
  • Grassherb

What the plant does to the smoker and how effective, depends on the quality (and variety) of marijuana, which in turn depends on the quality of the plant growth. It is recommended to use more phosphorus than nitrogen during flowering.
This is an expensive way to grow marijuana. You must ensure that the environmental conditions are perfect for these phases to maximize your yield and yield quality.

Fat joint versus thin joints is an endless debate, but in the end it all comes down to a matter of preference.
Weed grown in a natural growth environment is, according to some, much healthier.
If you do not use the cloning method, you obviously need seeds. The following list of products shows its versatility:

Topical analgesic creams and lotions
Cannabis oil (you can make your own oil)
Health and beauty products
Massage oils
Intimate lubricants
Used in some medications
As you can see, marijuana does not only have to be used, or only to become high, it can also be good in combination with many other chemicals and natural herbs.
You do not have to worry about the regulation of temperature, humidity, air and the other factors that prevail in the natural environment – you can not change them anyway!
Yields can be much higher and plants much larger compared to houseplants indoors.

First of all, pay attention to nutrient deficiency or surplus.

Water pipes and water pipes
Hookah or water pipe for smoking weed

Bongs and water pipes are generally regarded as a more efficient, cleaner smoke than a connection.

Some seeds even begin to germinate within 24 hours.

Put a paper towel on a dish, put some seeds on it, cover them with another paper towel and use the second bowl as a lid. Whether you grow cannabis in soil medium or in a hydroponics system, correct lighting is probably the most necessary nutrient for healthy plant growth.
While in male plants, after a week or two, small grape-like balls will become visible, which will grow into clusters (pollen bags). HID lamps may not be available in some places, but CFL is available almost everywhere in the world. Although this type of cannabinoid is present in all parts of the plant (male and female plants), the resinous buds of female flowers (cannabin) are particularly rich.
Now, at this critical stage, you must check whether the plant is wilted.)

A simple way to measure the light emitted per square foot by a non-LED lamp or another non-LED light source: look at the lumen value of a lamp or a lamp. Because at night the female plants store the food that they have prepared during the day through photosynthesis. Plus about 1000 words of new content added, 29 September 2017. If the nutritional value is not lowered, you will see the discoloration further in the leaf and the ends will begin to curl and become brittle.

The big advantage is that every clone will turn out to be a female plant, that is to say the kind that hopefully you can harvest giant buds.

But it does not have to be that difficult either. The items can contain seeds or clones (whatever you want); some white paint; hydroponics nutrients; containers or pots; growing medium for the pots (such as Coco Coir); fluorescent, HID or LED lighting system; timer; pH detector. We have discussed one of their lights here. This is not possible if you plan indoor marijuana. Although some experts say that this is not the safest way to take, many smokers prefer good pipe appearance for pipes made of stainless steel, glass oraluminum, to ensure a cleaner stroke. Growing indoors means that it is up to you to provide your crop with sufficient light.
A small mistake can destroy the whole thing that took you centuries to prepare.

No soil is needed in this method, so it is a clean process.

Some people also use oscillating fans to improve ventilation during drying.)
Increased senses
Negative effects of marijuana:
Anything used in surplus quantities has a bad effect, especially when it comes to euphoric medicines.

If you want to know more, we have a more in-depth discussion about PAR and how you can choose the best growth light for you elsewhere on the site.

Propagation packages
Propagation kits are cheap and give good results.
With indoor cropping you have total control over the lighting of the light, which you do not have when planting outside.
It is easier to prevent the hydroponic system from being infected or attacked by insects.
They grow much faster than seedlings, because they are in essence as mature as the plant where the cutting was carried out.
It is difficult to determine which species you want to grow, because cross-pollination can occur through wind and insects.

They make you high after smoking weed. (Only female plants produce buds.
PPFD, Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density, is the main measure of how much of that useful light falls on the plant per square meter per second.
Make sure they get 15 to 18 hours of light. It is one of the cheaper, more efficient ways to get high on cannabis, because you can make your own vaporizer or inhaler at home. But always look at the likely flowering phase for the specific species you grow.
You can only grow a limited amount of marijuana because you probably have less room to grow indoors.
Now fix this clone in a stone wool block. By painting the walls of your grow room with semi-gloss white paint, you reflect the light source back on the plants. Experienced breeders will also grow Ruderalis to breed with other strains to create new hybrid varieties.

Too many nutrients for fertilizers and organic compounds can disrupt the pH of a plant, so make sure you do your research before using any fertilizer. If the trichomes are clear, keep waiting.
Beginners’ step by step guide for growing marijuana on hydroponics
Now let’s show you how to grow marijuana in your hydroponics system.

This chemical family is produced by each cannabis plant in different combinations and concentrations.
Less variation. Please note that you can not do this until the 5th day.

Cannabis nutrients deficit

Photo credit: Cannabis Training University – Own work, CC BY-SA 3. But whatever the tension, you will also have to choose between regular seeds that can produce male or female plants and feminized seeds that only the bud-producing female plants that you want to harvest. It is also one of the softer ways.
If you see some leaves turning yellow at this early stage, this is actually a good sign, so do not worry. When the real leaves arrive, the cotyledon becomes paler, yellower and then falls down.

There are numerous seed strains available.

After cutting, remove some of the larger fan blades. Ideally, the plant should be left in a vegetative stage until the height is 6 to 18 \.
Vegetative: 22-28ºC; 40-70%. But if the option is available to you, it is worth doing.) – especially when smoked with tobacco
Voltage / voltage
Headache / dizziness
Psychologically negative consequences
Ways to use marijuana
Now that you have an idea of ​​how we work, let’s look at the more popular ways to consume cannabis:

Roll a joint

Burning weed to release the THC and absorb the smoke in the lungs is the most popular way to get high.

However, you will still find that some people claim that smoking marijuana through a water pipe literally sucks.
More chance to produce the best quality weed. Finding other sources and achieving perfect results is far from guaranteed!
If you choose a bad plant to clone, you are stuck with the faults of that plant. Balance of lighting plays an essential role in the flowering phase.. If your plants are in motion, your fans are not placed correctly. This is where the initial growth of the plant will take place.

Growing indoor weed grows all year round and fits better with growers where the weather conditions are less favorable. Carrots can last 5-10 days. If lighting is not good enough, your harvest will not be.
The time of growth is fast and the amount of revenue is greater. It is cost-effective, fruitful and reliable.
Vegetation and flowering
After sowing, the next important stages in the life of a plant are vegetation and flowering.
Because you control the environment, there is less chance that plants are infected with viruses or are damaged by insects.

Main nutrients needed for growing cannabis indoors
Nutrients – General natural products Go Box – hydroponics

Below are the most important nutrients that play an important role in the growth of marijuana:

Nitrogen is the most essential element that helps in the growth of leaves and stems.)
Common plant media for marijuana
A traditional, cost-effective and often used medium for growing crops is soil. Tight joints burn slower for smoother smoke. The whole process is finished and does not mess at all. More than 1000W will usually be harmful, but settings with lower wattages may work well.

For example, if you only use it for pain relief, you probably want the cleanest, most efficient, even discrete method – and you do not want to be consistently high. Hang them up to give your plants the maximum amount of cover.

But how do you select a seed that is worth growing?

Avoid pale seeds, green seeds and soft or damaged seeds.

But whatever the system, the intention is to activate rapid growth in your cannabis plants and maximize your yield.
In this phase, a plant needs intensive care and careful monitoring to guarantee maximum yield in the future.

Make sure the color of the container is dark, ideally black, because it helps to prevent light from entering the roots.

Marijuana breeder’s guide: how to grow weeds indoors for beginners
You are about to learn step by step how to grow your first harvest of lush green marijuana.

Drying cabinets and automated drying machines are also availableLive on the markets of our time and can be very useful to dry your cannabis quickly and efficiently. Harvesting is actually a nice thing. The plant can double its height during the flowering phase.

But let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons:

Benefits of cloning
It is a time-saving process, because you only have to select some plants, make the clones and place them in their growing medium.

Although THC is not soluble in water, it is sometimes claimed that some THC is filtered by this method, possibly because it gets too cold, possibly because the smoke goes through many filters / percs. Start with an average amount of nutrients and gradually increase.
Recommended light settings for indoor cannabis in every growth phase
As far as lighting is concerned, blue light beam energy increases the growth rate of female plants, producing strong, large, healthy leaves; while red spectrum lights up when the plants enter the flowering stage..)

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Article updated and extensively rewritten, from top to bottom, to improve and expand existing information.
90 to 100% and it is almost too late, the taste will be heavy and the effects are more narcotic. The disadvantage is that mylar reflects both light and heat extremely efficiently, so you have to be careful not to burn your plants.

So you are now almost done with the most important guidelines on marijuana cultivation in the soil.
Flowering: 100/100/100. It gives you all kinds of light that the plant needs (and not that it can not use), more efficient, cheaper and more user-friendly.

You also see joints rolled with a skin of tobacco leaf, cigar style, more in America than in Europe.0 to 6.

Create your own container
You can prepare your own container with old and rejected pots, large bottles and bowls. If you currently use other nutrients, they can affect the taste when smoking your weed. But a good tip for the beginner is to practice them on other ordinary seeds instead of wasting expensive marijuana seeds.

Potassium is required for building and transferring sugars for marijuana plants..

Cannabis seedlings
Cannabis seedling

Once you see that the sprout is a quarter of an inch long, it’s time to replant it in a pot, where it will grow into a small marijuana plant. You have to spray in the moisture dome or propagator with No Damp solution..

A marijuana seedling is in fact a pair of two leaves that is generally called a ‘seedling leaf’ or ‘cotyledon’.

When you’re done with it, it’s time to dry your plants. But you have to be aware that as the roots of your plants become longer you eventually have to move the plants (very carefully, not to damage the roots) from small containers to the larger ones – usually shortly after you realize that a quick one growth begins.
You can also use mylar to put your walls in a row or grow in a mylar-covered grow tent or propagator, because mylar is highly reflective. Dig the next house for this plant from the middle and then place it in the hole. The higher the CRI, the more natural and vivid the displayed colors will appear.
Vegetative: 30/60/60, 45/80/80 or 60/100/100 (depending on the type of plant, check the recommendations when buying the seeds).

After the germination process you will have to remove all male or less developed sprouts and focus on growing healthy female marijuana plants.
If 70 to 90% is brown, you will get heavier, stronger weed. This is the key factor in producing higher yields. (More about that later. The ground may be too rich for them now, but if they are a bit bigger, it is probably ideal.

How to choose Cannabis Seed
Healthy cannabis seeds

The seed is like a dormant embryo, the result of sexual multiplication between male and female flowers.

(When it comes to LED grow lights, you will find some LED models with much higher power on the market.

HID lamps that result from the high level of heat emitted influence the water level of the installation. Especially because, in contrast to growing outdoors, if you grow in cannabis, you can arrange and manage all important growth conditions much more precisely.

This message tries to focus on the most cost-effective methods to start. All characteristics of the plant, regardless of height, color, smell or quality, all depend on the seed. It is the reward for all the hard work you have done in all growth phases of your crop. Different colors have different consequences. As soon as the seedling has leaves and has been a week above the ground, 30/60/60. Remove them or separate them immediately and if you see too many ‘nanners’, start harvesting and lower your losses. How long this takes depends entirely on your system and the type of strain that you grow.
You also have to empty the root solution from the cube, because it is not needed now. You will learn much more about the light waves that plants use, different types of lights that are used for growing weeds indoors, the best lighting for beginners and which functions to look out for. The ideal is a full spectrum growth light. Also check all instructions supplied with your plant or seeds, because some strains need more light than others.

Germination is a process in which the outer shell of a healthy and mature seed is kept in the correct environmental conditions (moisture, air and heat), breaks down and a white root begins to germinate and falls down. Now place the seed in it and fill the space with the soil that you have dug on the surface. Do not worry.
For more control over taste and effects:
If you see that 50 to 75% of the pistils have turned red / brown, you get a lighter taste and a milder high. So keep that in mind when determining the number of seeds to germinate.

They come with their own instructions, but usually you have to pour the seeds into small pots or compartments, add the germinating hormone or nutrient mix that comes with the kit, and start the process.
You can earn more if you plan to start a business. This is the range from 400 nm to 700 nm.

In terms of effects, think more of a ‘body buzz’ or a stoned feeling, instead of Sativa’s more uplifting, creative high.

But if you have any questions at the end, please send us a note and we will try to help.)

Germination of cannabis seeds
After selecting the right seed, the next step is germination. If the color of the plant is perfectly green, branches are strong and dense and everything looks good during this period, then you should be satisfied that it grows in the right way.

Temperature aand humidity levels for female weed plants at different growth stages:
Seedlings: 20-25ºC with lights on, 4-5º lower with lights off; 60-70% humidity.

The use of LED grow lights offers many advantages, but it is worth mentioning that they produce full spectrum light with a low level of heat.
It is completely dependent on electricity. It takes 2 to 5 days for seeds to germinate through this method.

View the CCT / Kelvin classification to determine the color of the HID fluorescent lamps and the CRI classification to measure the intensity of the color.

Lighting systems can include light bulbs, reflectors, ballast, timers, different color spectra and various other features. But pay attention in general: become lighter than yellowing in older mature leaves; stains of different kinds; different types of discoloration.

At what time of the day should I harvest my weeds?
The time of day is important when harvesting cannabis.

Germinate in peat briquettes
Soak a peat briquette in water and allow it to swell. For example, if lighting is planned during night hours, harvest the product in the morning. Do not inject the clone directly as this may result in powdery mildew.
It is cost effective because sunlight is free. By the end, you had to know everything you need to know about how to grow marijuana indoors, get to know your first successful indoor grow-up.) One of the big advantages of LEDs is that they are much cooler than other grow lights. (We discussed how to pick seeds and germinate them above. These are known as blunts.

Growing cannabis in your home is not necessarily easy, we have to admit that.
Then you have to set the lights.

They are white at the beginning of flowering, but when they are ready to harvest, they turn dark brown..
Extreme or unusual weather conditions can destroy your crop.

What you need to check during growing
Now that your plants grow and become a strong harvest, you have to be careful with a few things.

Male cannabis plant

Male plant. A full-cycle LED lamp produces the PAR values ​​you need at each stage of your growth – and does not waste your electricity bill, which causes your plants to produce light.

What follows is an explanation of both methods, their respective advantages and disadvantages, how they influence the process and influence the outcome, and how to decide which is most suitable for you.

Spliffs give a lower level height, because there is less weed, but the THC high is mixed with the added nicotine buzz.

PAR spectrum of a full spectrum LED grow light – KIND LED

PAR spectrum emitted by a full spectrum LED grow light.
Do not forget to prepare the stone clouds by soaking them in a pH-balanced solution overnight. For Kelvins, 2700K is a warm red, 4200K a cooler blue color, 6500K is closest to sunlight; the lowest Kelvin rating is white, the higher the number the bluer the color. Then empty the drain tray instead of leaving the container in that water and re-recording.)

Effects of marijuana
What causes the different effects of weed?

In one word: cannabinoids. This allows you to identify weak or poor quality marijuana customers at an early stage.

You can drop the seedling with the rock wool tube, do not worry. This is actually the quality of that light.

Benefits of growing cannabis indoors
The control is completely in the hands of the grower.

The cheap, economical and most reliable way to dry the plants is to leave them in the open air. This is one of the most important requirements for an ideal marijuana culture environment indoors.utlay.
Proper clones of marijuana take less time in bloom. Soak the paper towels in the hot water and squeeze them out, so that they become moist and warm.

Dig a bit of earth off the surface and push a pencil or other pointed tool down about a quarter of a inch deep.

You have to take a pot filled with soil, pour water in it and let it run out of the hole at the bottom of the pot.

How seedlings grow in mature marijuana plants
Mature cannabis plant

Now you will learn the most important things you need to know to become a perfectionist marijuana grower. There are different types of hydroponic systems, but they allow you to grow outside the season and within a plant. High humidity helps to increase the growth rate of female plants, while low humidity is good for the growth of the male.
You can cut the clones at any time during the cycle of the plant, but the best time is probably that the plant starts to bloom.

Now on to the main event: how you can grow it!

Important information about marijuana culture
Finally it’s time to talk about how you can actually cultivate marijuana: the different cultivation methods;
which method is most suitable for a beginner indoor grower; and how to prevent bad results.

The topics we discuss in this chapter are:

Grow with soil with germination process
Grow through the cloning process
Hydroponically growing
We recommend that indoor growers use the most reliable cultivation methods for the first time, namely soil.

Cloning of weed plants

There are, however, some disadvantages to cloning, but if you already have a number of healthy and productive marijuana plants, this is a great way to produce more.

So do not overfert or exceed the plant to increase the growth rate. Usually this method takes 5 to 7 days before seeds germinate.
Harvest when resin on the buds is clear and sticky, some of which begin to turn dark to brown or amber. Try to avoid wooden or plastic pipes and water pipes and their potential extra carcinogens. MAX12 3600W.

For beginners, growing in containers is easy to handle and has less chance of failure.

How do I prepare my weed for smoking?
Weed hung to dry

The first thing you notice is that plants do not die if you cut them, they die when their water is dehydrated. The fans must circulate air around the plants and must not blow directly on them.

On the other hand, indoor planting means that your plant or crop is not fed in an open air atmosphere.
You can use the height to determine the growth time for your plants in the vegetative phase. The holes must be large enough to drainremove all the excess water.
You can also look closely at the trichomes (the hairs on the buds).
Female cannabis plant

Female plant.

Both are actually hemp plants. Similarly with the temperature: low temperature is useful for the growth of female plants, while a high temperature is good for male plants.

Transplant cannabis plants
Transplanting means converting the plants from small containers to larger ones or moving them from containers to the soil of your breeding area. Would you like to skip directly to the information ‘How can growing indoors’ instead? Click here. Consult our guide for measuring and controlling temperature and humidity in your grow kit.

If you use heat-emitting green light bulbs, you must place this kind of light slightly higher above the plant. Now push a seed into the hole. Although, for maximum productivity, you need to provide 7,000 to 10,000 lumen per square foot. You must be particularly careful with these factors when growing cannabis indoors.
Good ventilation can be a problem with the indoor plant process.

Cannabis seeds must have a hard exterior.
Direct and too much exposure of light can affect some chemical reactions and enzyme activity.
It produces large amounts of high-quality weed.

In the seedling phase, Marijuana needs good lighting for 16 to 18 hours.

You can easily select some donor plants from existing plants in your crop and then make some clones.
These are the settings recommended by Kind LED (percentages refer to the individual red and white settings of the light, for example 30% red = red wavelengths set to 30% of full brightness). Check the instructions of the light. However, do not forget to lift the lid daily for ventilation.

Grow weeds in the ground
If you grow marijuana at home, you may not find a suitable place to grow marijuana in the ground, outside, where there is a lot of sunlight. This is often what people mean when they talk about PAR classification or values.

Also remember that the marijuana seedling needs about 16 hours of light every day.
Your hands should be washed with a good antibacterial soap; all your tools and growth area / medium must also be clean.

(See our overview of nutrients and fertilizers for more information about nitrogen and potassium levels.
Place the covered clone drawer with a moisture dome in a location where a suitable amount of white fluorescent light is available.

However, that is for growing outside. However, hemp seeds and oil from these plants have numerous health benefits. Not paying attention to pH values ​​can lead to the destruction of the entire crop.

The method of transplanting is simple, but not easy.)
The next destination for a germinated seed is a rock wool block. Note, however, that this refers to the number of watts that light pulls at the outlet, and not to the specified output..

Paper towels method
Two dishes, two paper towels and some water are needed for this germination method. And ideally the container material should not let in the light. In different regions, for example due to different weather conditions, cultivation methods and techniques, each type of plant can have its own individual taste, aroma and potency.

Expect the seeds to germinate within 48 hours or so.
For immediate planting, a medium with pH balance must be prepared. These ‘bananas’ produce pollen as soon as they emerge.. You can check it by opening the grow tent a little bit.. But in general it is agreed that cannabis can have the following positive effects:

Pressure relief
Mood swings
Improved thinking process
Better ideas and more positive thoughts
Pain relief
Nausea relief
Increased levels of pleasure to everything (music, sex, laughter, etc.

For beginners, however, we recommend growing seed




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